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Support for install.ESD Files

first post: dawiecodeplex wrote: Can you please updated so it support the latest install.esd file

Support for vhd/vhdx

first post: rajeshvt wrote: Great work team, are there any plans to make this compatible with v...

DismGUI Requirements

first post: markbow wrote: Hi, Not overly familiar with DISM and all its features but have b...

latest post: werners wrote: I also find that when executing the DISM GUI via the ADKtools CMD i...


first post: Razion wrote: Looking into getting this working under WinPE so I can run DISM bac...

latest post: pauwlusj wrote: :

Export-Image tab option

first post: DanApps wrote: Hi there, Was playing with swm files today and thought an "expor...

Changes to Dism GUI

first post: arectech wrote: Hi, I had some idle time this week and got our resident programmer...

latest post: wingers wrote: Hi Mikecel79 - thanks for updating DISM and adding capture/apply - ...

read only mount

first post: garegin wrote: Can you please add the only to mount read only images. This is supe...


first post: oliphanj wrote: Can you please add Capture to DISM GUI. Thanks, Jason

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