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Codepage issue with dism output


I'm using russian language as my system's lang. Console codepage is cp866. Win32 ansi CP is CP1251.
So, a lot of console programs(including DISM) using russian language to output results of it's work.
Since console's codepage is CP866 and win32 apps using different codepage, results of executing dism is weird. It looks like "„«п Ї®«г祭Ёп ¤®Ї®«­ЁвҐ«м­ле ᢥ¤Ґ­Ё© ўлЇ®«­ЁвҐ Є®¬ ­¤".

So, I'll be very glad if you add support of setting condole output codepage and ability to convert to app's codepage.

If I have free time, I'll try to create a patch/